Sint-Trudo opens new center for pain treatments and minor procedures

A brand new ambulatory center will open in Sint-Trudo on Monday, Feb. 5. Here procedures will take place that require only a short recovery time, as well as various pain treatments.



05 Feb 2024

Operatiezaal hyperambulant dagziekenhuis preopening

"The demand and opportunities around outpatient surgery have been increasing for quite some time. Where once patients had to spend several days in a hospital for a procedure, this is now increasingly no longer necessary thanks to vastly improved technologies. We know that there will be a further shift towards more outpatient treatments in the future as well, where it is important for the hospital and the patient to be well organized for this," clarified Joan Vlayen, chief physician at Sint-Trudo Hospital.  

Fluid flow 

"Within outpatient procedures, there is still a big difference depending on the surgery and recovery time. This is why we chose to open a separate ambulatory center specifically for short-term surgeries and pain treatments. The recovery time for this is very short, allowing patients to go home even faster, compared to other surgeries in an outpatient setting. By now organizing this separately, we can smooth the flow for these patients. Their short stay in our hospital thus becomes more pleasant," said Lena Hermans, project leader.

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Modern equipment 

"There is a waiting room here, two treatment rooms that we can use completely sterile, changing rooms and a nicely furnished recovery room, where patients can rest in a comfortable armchair after their procedure or treatment. Here they are followed up for a while under the supervision of nurses and doctors, before returning home," explained department head Marijke Billen. 

"In furnishing the rooms, a great deal of attention has been paid to the patient's experience and everything has been provided to make it as pleasant as possible for the patient." 

Zicht op recoverylounge met zetels in hyperambulant dagziekenhuis

Human-centered care 

General director Cindy Monard adds: "At Sint-Trudo, we work with heart and soul every day to provide person-centered and quality care for our patients. The realization of this new center is therefore very important. The fact that we now have a well-equipped and organised pain center as well as an expanded capacity for those short-term interventions where patients can easily move on, will make a big difference in the experience of those patients."

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At the start, you will already be here for eye procedures such as cataract surgery, eyelid surgery, intravitreal injections, ... and pacemaker placement. In addition, the pain center for the treatment of (chronic) pain using infiltrations will also be organized at the start. In time, this offer will be gradually expanded. Appointments for treatments, should always be made through the attending physician. 

You can also find more information on the department page of the hyperambulant dagziekenhuis.

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