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Patricia Verstraete
28 March 2024

Announcement of Dr. Patricia Verstraete as orthopedic surgeon

Reep knetterchocolade voor complimentendag
01 March 2024

Together we are a top team! Sint-Trudo celebrates Compliment Day.

Stijn Van Hoef 2
01 March 2024

Announcement of Dr. Stijn Van Hoef as general and abdominal surgeon

Groepsfoto zetels in recoverylounge hyperambulant dagziekenhuis
05 February 2024

Sint-Trudo opens new center for pain treatments and minor procedures

dokter Nick Pans
01 February 2024

Announcement of Dr. Nick Pans as emergency doctor

Bjorn Baerts
24 November 2023

Announcement of dr. Bjorn Baerts as oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

Huisdierenpaviljoen interieur
27 June 2023

Sint-Trudo pet pavilion opens doors

Rick De Leeuw en Justine Brees ode aan de zorg
18 June 2023

Rick De Leeuw recites poem to Sint-Trudo staff

Toekomstbeeld campus
17 June 2023

Sint-Trudo Ziekenhuis is building the future

dr. Daan Detroyer
01 June 2023

Announcement of Dr. Daan Detroyer as nephrologist

Dag van de stagiair collage
25 May 2023

Sint-Trudo celebrates students

06 March 2023

Week of the volunteer

Charlotte Debergh
08 February 2023

Announcement of dr. Charlotte Debergh as new hematologist

Tessa Vanderspikken technoloog medische beeldvorming
14 December 2022

A day in the life of... a medical imaging technologist

dr. Okke Schoolmeesters
01 August 2022

Announcement of dr. Okke Schoolmeesters as emergency doctor

dr. Bram Byloos
01 July 2022

Announcement of dr. Bram Byloos as anaesthesiologist

Team slaaplabo
20 June 2022

New sleep lab opens doors at Sint-Trudo Hospital

dr. Lisa Lopes
07 October 2021

Announcement of dr. Lisa Lopes as paediatrician