Sint-Trudo, skilled and close!

Minnie Geraerts
dr. Leen Goossens
Jorina Clenjans
Dries Seron
dr. Sven Martens


Beste zorg

The best care

Your life, that's where it starts for us!

When you deal with care, you often deal with worry: small or large, about your own health or that of a loved one. We know what that's like. That's why we do everything we can to put you at ease and help you. We do this with attention to you, your personal needs and the people around you.


Call the hospital: 011 69 91 11
Hospital Sint-Trudo
Diestersteenweg 100, 3800 Sint-Truiden


Our specialists are happy to share their knowledge with colleagues. We also regularly organize information evenings for interested parties. Would you like to be there?
23 May 2024, 20:30 - 22:00
Sint-Trudo Ziekenhuis, Campus Rummenweg, vergaderzaal Conference

Wetenschappelijke lezing 'Urgentiegeneeskunde: brandwondenzorg, acute opvang en nadien'

4 Jun 2024, 19:30 - 21:00
Sint-Trudo Ziekenhuis Campus Rummenweg, Rummenweg 2, 3800 Sint-Truiden in zaal Conference

Infosessie Arbeid en Bevalling

7 Jun 2024, 10:00 - 12:00
Sint-Trudo Ziekenhuis, zaal Aesclepion, blok D - verdiep 1

Infosessie oncologische patiënten - Voeding

Working at Sint-Trudo.
Skilled and close

Do you want to work happier? Sint-Trudo does everything it can to make you happy. By being close to you, by having you work in small teams, by coaching you, and by continuing to educate you. We call it one by one work happiness contributors.
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