About Sint-Trudo

Sint-Trudo is a dynamic, modern and completely renovated hospital with 310 licensed beds, over 850 employees and about 150 specialised doctors. We focus on a patient-oriented, preventive and qualitative health policy. We are competent and close by and are there for each other and our patients every day.
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Sint-Trudo Hospital is a modern healthcare facility that, in addition to being a member of the hospital network Andreaz, also cooperates with other hospitals and partners within a transmural care chain. Sint-Trudo focuses on specialised basic care and also differentiates itself into certain sub-specialties.

After an intensive accreditation process, we achieved the JCI Gold Quality Label on September 17, 2018. This internationally recognized accreditation confirmed that our hospital offers quality and safe care according to the highest standards. In recent years, together with LIGB-KU Leuven, Sint-Trudo has continued to build an even more sustainable quality policy by pioneering the development of the Flemish quality model "FlaQuM". Sint-Trudo funds one of the three chairs to enable this development and implementation. 

We are a hospital with a healthy dose of ambition, we want to move forward. Sint-Trudo is continuously building for the future with large and not so large projects and innovations. In this way we want to continue to fulfill our social role optimally in the future.

Providing the best care and fulfilling our ambitions, we obviously cannot do without our employees. They are the driving force of our hospital and are of very great value to our hospital and our patients. That is why we are doing everything we can to offer our employees job happiness. The promise below is the basis for securing that job happiness:


   At Sint-Trudo Hospital
   we are close to the patient as well as close to each other.
   We are an accessible and open hospital with a people-oriented approach
   and short lines of communication
   With professional framing, mutual respect,
   stimulating guidance
   and room for flexibility
   we show our commitment and express our trust in each other.
   We are an ambitious and innovative hospital where togetherness and atmosphere
   go hand in hand
   with vision and quality.


Here we make a substantial difference together every day.