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The patient record is electronic and thus easy to access as a patient.

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View my patient record

  • As a patient, you can consult your reports, appointments, invoices, images and personal data in your patient record online via mynexuzhealth. After the end of your stay at Sint-Trudo Hospital you will also receive an invitation for a satisfaction survey here. You log in with your electronic identity card (eID) or with itsme®.
    Read more about mynexuzhealth below. 
  • Your doctor can access your patient record via nexuzhealth consultation
  • During your hospitalization, you can request a transcript from the treating physician and/or their secretary.
  • After your hospitalization, you can visit our ombudsman service to request a hard copy transcript. 

Consult your file via mynexuzhealth

Nexuzhealth is a medical partnership between a number of Flemish hospitals whereby your patient record is shared with all your healthcare providers at these hospitals. A current overview of all partners can be found at This means that your healthcare providers can securely access your file within these nexuzhealth hospitals.

Mynexuzhealth is a secure web application and app for patients of all these partners that allows you to access your medical record.
You can find the app in the appstores: Google Play Store  App Store.

More info on Mynexuzhealth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access my file?

More information on this can be found under the your file.

There you will get more explanation on how to access your digital patient record.
Know that you can also contact your family doctor or attending physician (during your hospital stay). 

You can also contact the ombuds service to get access to your file.

This option is also available to a patient's representative and, with permission, to the person of trust.

Relatives of a deceased patient may have access to his patient file if they can invoke valid reasons for doing so (e.g. suspicion of medical error, tracing of family history ...). They will not be able to consult the patient file directly, but must designate a healthcare provider for this purpose (e.g. general practitioner). The latter can only consult the data directly related to the reasons invoked.

Who can request access to patient records or get a copy?

1.The patient himself/a designated confidant if mandated in writing to do so.

2. Both parents or guardian of a minor patient, or of an adult patient, who falls under the status of extended minority or incapacity, on presentation of a family composition or guardianship certificate.

3.A representative of the patient:

  • If this person has been previously mandated by the patient to exercise patient rights on his behalf, if and for as long as he is unable to do so himself, on presentation of a written mandate.
  • If the patient is de facto unable to exercise his patient rights himself and he has not mandated a representative, or does not act as such, then the rights shall be exercised by the cohabiting spouse or the legally or de facto cohabiting partner upon submission of attestation composition of family.
  • If this person does not wish to do so or is absent, the rights will be exercised, in descending order, by: an adult child, parent, adult brother or sister on presentation of proof of kinship.

4.A healthcare practitioner designated by the patient or his representative.

5.After the death of the patient, there is no right to a copy, but there is an indirect right of access via a professional.  


What can you look into in a copy of your patient record?

1. If you wish to inspect or obtain a copy of the record, you may also request it directly from the attending physician, if necessary.

2. You have access to the medical and nursing data relating to the period mentioned in the application. The doctor's personal notes and data relating to third parties are not eligible for inspection or copying.

3. If you are making this request through a professional, they are entitled to see the personal notes of the health care provider.

4. In order to protect the patient's privacy, or when any harm is suspected in giving the information, the doctor may refuse inspection or a copy (in whole or in part) to the patient or his representative. In this case, the right of inspection may be exercised by a designated professional.

How can I access or obtain a copy of my patient record?

The fastest and easiest way is to fill out the online request form via the following link: digital request form for accessing patient records.

Are you unable to complete the form online? Then you can send the completed and signed request form together with the necessary certificates and a copy of your identity card to the ombudsperson:
This can also be sent by post to: Sint-Trudo Ziekenhuis, Ombudsdienst, Diestersteenweg 100, BE-3800 Sint-Truiden

Your request will be forwarded to the appropriate responsible parties for further processing.

Within 15 days your request will be processed.

How do I obtain a mynexuzhealth code card?

The mynexuzhealth code card is a card with 24 codes that you use in combination with a username and password. You can request this card:

If you use the code card to log in, you do not need to install any further software on your computer.

When I try to sign in with my eID, I get an error

In order to use the eID, it is important to have the correct software on your computer. In case of an error message, install or reinstall the eID software. Choose the installer that matches your operating system. After installing this software, it is best to close your browser before trying again. If you are working with Mozilla Firefox as your internet browser, an additional add-on is also required.

Even after reinstalling eID software, I still cannot log in

As an alternative to logging in with the eID, we also offer the option to log in with the mynexuzhealth code card.

As a parent, I would like access to my children's patient records

Medical records of children under the age of 15 are not available for now. You can, however, request a transcript from our ombudservice. However, you can view your child's appointments, information about the illness or treatment, questionnaires, invoices...(if available). In mynexuzhealth, go to Messages, select the address UZ Leuven (even if you are a patient in another hospital) and send a formal request with your children's name and date of birth to 'Patient-related support'. You will be notified as soon as your mynexuzhealth record is linked.

As a patient, I also want to give access to my medical record to a trusted person (partner, parents, etc.) or representative?

This can only be done with a power of attorney from the patient. The patient can give it by appointing someone as a trustee or representative. 

You may always appoint a trusted representative to assist you in obtaining the information about your health condition. If you wish, the confidant may review your patient record, or request a copy. The confidant may not make decisions regarding your illness and treatment on your behalf. A confidant can actually be anyone: a family member, a neighbor, a close friend, another doctor.

Form designation trustee

If you wish, you may also appoint a legal representative. Your representative, if you are no longer able to make decisions regarding your health (e.g., if you fall into a coma), will exercise the patient's rights on your behalf, and thus make decisions regarding your health and treatment. If you do not appoint a representative, and you are no longer able to exercise your rights, then in substitute order your spouse/partner, your adult children, your parents or your adult sibling will act as representative.

Form designation of representative

I am logged in but see little to no results

The patient portal mynexuzhealth is developing in phases. Currently, you can view medical records prepared after Nov. 1, 2017 and 7 days after validation by the treating physician.

What will I be able to see in my medical record in the future?

  • View appointments
  • Filling out specific questionnaires
  • Keeping diaries
  • Send messages for technical support
  • Laboratory results
  • Reporting/medical protocols of radiological examinations
  • Images of radiological examinations
  • Invoices of treatments at St. Trudo Hospital 
  • Self online appointment booking at various centers
  • ...

How can I access my patient record as a non-Belgian patient?

The code card is one of several methods to log on This method is mainly used for non-Belgian patients who do not have a national registry number, only the EAD number. 

Do you as a foreign patient not have a Belgian National Registry number? Then you can request a code card through one of the following three options:

  1. Request a code card from your healthcare provider at the hospital.
  2. Contact the service desk of nexuzhealth via the contact form.
  3. Call the number +32 16 34 83 48. 

More information about the code card can be read here

Do you consent to the sharing of your patient data?