Together we are a top team! Sint-Trudo celebrates Compliment Day.

At Sint-Trudo Hospital, we like to be lavish with compliments for each other.
Especially today, on compliment day.



01 Mar 2024

Reep knetterchocolade voor complimentendag

The staff, students and volunteers are all receiving an extra compliment today in the form of a crackling bar of chocolate. We thought this bar of chocolate for all those wonderful colleagues at our hospital was a good start to get the inspiration going. The compliments are going to fly around our hospital today!

Because all of us together are a top team!

For this deliciously honest bar of chocolate, Sint-Trudo Hospital once again collaborated with a special partner. This time TWERK vzw, an organization that puts people with autism and their specific talents to work. From the chocolate pouring to the design of the packaging and the wrapping itself: every aspect of this crackling bar of chocolate is done by them.

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