Pastoral care department

The pastoral care department aims to assist patients and their loved ones with questions of life and faith, based on Christian inspiration. The pastors themselves belong to the Catholic tradition but are open to all who are looking for depth and meaning, regardless of their religious beliefs. If you belong to a different tradition and you would like to talk to a spiritual care provider from your own ideology or faith, the chaplains can contact a representative of your worship service at your request.


A hospitalization is often a drastic event. A confidential conversation with a pastor can bring clarity:

  • when making an important decision
  • when having worrying thoughts
  • after bad news
  • if you want to reflect on what makes you grateful or what gives you hope
  • if you want a companion, even in difficult times
  • if you have questions about God or about your own religion
  • when everything seems to be beyond your strength

Sacraments and rituals

The pastors are also available for prayer, sacraments or rituals. It can help you in what touches you deeply.

  • If you want to give thanks for your newborn baby and have it blessed.
  • If your baby is sick and you are thinking of baptism.
  • If you want to receive the anointing of the sick or blessing of the sick in your room.
  • If you want to receive communion.
  • If you desire forgiveness or reconciliation.
  • If you want to say goodbye to a beloved person.


You are always welcome in the hospital's chapel. You can relax there, pray or light an electric devotional light. If you wish, we will be happy to escort you to the chapel. On Sundays and church holidays, there is a Eucharist or prayer service at 10 a.m., followed by communion in the room.  You can also follow the celebrations on your TV on channel 90. On channel 91 you will find inspirational videos adapted to the time of year.

Pastores Madeleine en Ann en het pyjamafonds

Pyjama (pajamas) fund

The Pastoral care department manages this fund.

For example, sometimes patients in the event of a sudden admission in our hospital, have no pajamas or toiletries with them. Also there are patients who cannot count on family or friends to assist them with practical help, such as collecting personal items at home and bringing this to the hospital. With this fund we can help them with (night-)clothes, toiletries, ... It is a big difference for the patients in terms of well-being and dignity during their hospitalisation.

Gifts and donations make projects such as the pajamas fund possible in the hospital. Do you also want to make this possible in the future? Then your donation is welcome on: BE57 7845 6126 2335, stating order number 100081 Pyjamafonds. Or in the form of pajamas and comfortable clothes that have been washed and are still in good condition.

Together we make such a difference for patients in need!

Where can you find us?

The pastoral office is located on the ground (0) floor in block G, you follow the yellow G from the entrance hall to the first elevator block and then follow the arrow to the left towards the pastoral office (pastorale dienst).